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Summer 2023 Volunteer Projects

We're so stoked that you're interested in volunteering with us this summer! Volunteering is an incredible way to get involved in hands-on stewardship of Prince William Sound.
Sign-ups go live for our members on March 1st at 11AM and for e
veryone on March 8th at 11AM. Not a member? Becoming a member takes just a few moments here. Members get a discount on registration fees, so an individual membership pays for itself!

How to be an awesome volunteer:
1. Check out the trip offerings on this page before March 1st.
2. Come back to this page at or after 11AM on March 1st. It will be password protected until March 8th! No sweat, though, you'll have received this password in an email from
3. Enter the password. Choose the trip you'd like and follow the prompts to book.
4. Be sure to enter the password again in the Coupon Code box in the right-hand column (under time remaining and above the trip name) on page 1 of check out to get your member's discount. Yes, we know it's a little clunky, but that's how the website gods designed this step.
5. Complete your booking and await your confirmation. Woohoo! :)

How to be a super cool awesome volunteer:
1. Sign up for one trip on or after March 1st.
2. If there's a second trip that's calling your name, wait until on or after March 8th to sign up.

How to be the coolest super cool awesome volunteer:
1. Follow the steps above.
2. If you've been on a PWSSF summer volunteer project trip in the past, try out a different kind of trip! For example, say you went on a marine debris trip in 2022, why not try out a trail work trip in 2023?
Would you like to volunteer but plan to travel by way of your own vessel? Please email us at The sign-ups on this page include transportation (either by water taxi or Forest Service vessel).

And, finally, we know plans change sometimes. That's why each trip has a wait list. When a trip fills, a waitlist will appear as a separate event below. If a spot opens, we'll contact individuals in the order they've signed up for the waitlist.

If you've booked a trip and must cancel, please email us at as soon as possible. A lot of planning goes into each of our volunteer trips, and we charge a registration fee to be sure you're committed to the project too. We do not offer refunds but will still send you some cool PWSSF swag if you must cancel.

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